Compassionately help struggling family members move forward to understand, accept, and cherish their transgender loved ones without confusion, conflicted feelings, or family turmoil. 

Hi, I'm Julia

As a conservative, Christian Mom I was completely shocked and felt blind-sided when our daughter informed us that she was transgender.

I had NO knowledge of transgender identity and had no idea how to handle this new situation.

I did nothing to educate myself as I did not trust the "agenda" of others. I did nothing to support her except take her to see a therapist.

My goal for her therapy was to get this notion straightened out in her head. I just wanted our life to go back to the way it was.

Because I was not open to learning, we had three long years of trauma and pain for our daughter and heartache for us. This time included panic attacks, self-harm, suicide attempts and hospitalizations.

I wish this on no one!!!

This is why I support families so they and their child do not have to endure what we did.

Working through my program, participants gain a greater understanding of transgender identity and empathy for their child.

They also gain clarity and peace around how God wants them to proceed. 
Through working with me, parents can form the relationship with their child they desire and that their child desperately needs.

The Family Alignment PathwayTM allows family members to be able to work through their thoughts, feelings, and fears in a safe space with a professional who has been in your shoes... until they know there IS a hope-filled future!

What people are saying about us

"You have changed my, and many others, view and understanding
of this important and misunderstood issue.

It was amazing! I am in awe of your daughter and you.  
Thank you for making us better! "

- E.S.

Different people all over the world struggling with parenting a transgender child have been able to cope, live with, and love their children through the help of organization and they share thier testimonies. 

"Thank you so much for sharing this important message. Minds and hearts were opened and we all finished with much more understanding. It is so clear that you love your daughter and are very proud of her.  You lit a fire for us to continue to self-educate."

- B.A.

"I wish the world could have been part of Julia's program.   Thank you so much for allowing us to process our experience at our own pace without feeling pressured to "conform." That patience and respect worked so well for me. I really appreciated it!!"

- R.E.